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To celebrate the release of Kokiri's Emerald & Goron's Ruby, we're giving you a chance to get this ring for over 50% OFF for 48 hours only! 


Zora's Sapphire is by far one of the most popular spiritual stones, but due to very popular demand, Kokiri's Emerald and Goron’s Ruby have now also been made into their own breathtaking ring. Now you can own them all!

Ye who owns 3 Spiritual Stones stand with the Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time”.

These rings are made of premium quality 925 Sterling Silver, with the stones being CZ. There are not many available, so get yours while you can. 

Kokiri's Emerald is the first Spiritual Stone obtained by Link after defeating Queen Gohma inside the Great Deku Tree. Always a special stone that is earned after completing the first main quest in the Ocarina of Time.

Goron's Ruby is the second of the three Spiritual Stones, received from Darunia after venturing into Dodongo's Cavern. Don't worry, we've saved you the trouble of completing the quest!

Zora's Sapphire is the last of the three spiritual stones to open the door in the Ocarina of time. It is given by Ruto after Link saves her from Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly. Coincidentally, Zora's Sapphire was the equivalent of an engagement ring!



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