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The Soldering Station Pro™ provides your work space with the proper protection it needs, to keep is damage free, neat, and organized. It is made up of premium quality silica, which is extremely heat resistant, absorbing temperatures of up to 500°C / 900°F.

It comes with in-built magnetic panels to assist in keeping all you screws organized and secure, so you won't lose them. There is plenty of space for your set of tools such as screwdrivers, allen keys or tweezers. This mat is anti-static and very portable, allowing you to move it conveniently without any hassles.


MAGNETIC PANELS: Avoid losing your tiny screws, keep them safe and secure 

SCREW ORGANIZERS: There is plenty of compartments and slots of different sizes to keep your screws organized at all times

MINI STORAGE BOXES: You can keep other handy bits and pieces inside the mini storage boxes that includes a lid

HEAT RESISTANT: This mat withstands very high temperatures, and does not burn or damage easily from solders or even blow torches reaching up to 500°C / 900°F.

IN-BUILT RULER: Extra in-built ruler (0-20cm) that is another handy tool that saves some extra space


There are 3 variants - all made of the same heat resistant materials, with different patterns

Large (45x30cm): has all the extra compartments and features everything as stated above

Medium (34x23cm): is a slightly smaller and simpler version of the large variant, and provides you with the bare essentials of what you need.

Small (23x18cm): is a plain mat, that is the smallest of the range, but still withstands the same amount of temperatures as the aforementioned. 

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